Sound Design of Kung Fu Panda

HBO has a "First Look" about Kung Fu Panda that spends some time with the sound crew, specifically Ethan Van der Ryn and Eric Aadahl. Looked like they were having a good time! It¹s worth checking out.

Found a link to the program you mentioned.

This is one I want to take the little'uns to see.
Interesting to hear Ethan and Erik bring up the freedom you get with comedy. Comedy + Kung Fu = massive fun

Yes, that was cool - love the manipulation of concrete sounds. I always show Bruce Lee's 'Game of Death' to my students - for the percussion, of course!
Thread from Sound Design List June 2008

Audio interview with sound designer Erik Aadahl and sound supervisor Ethan Van Der Ryn about their work on "Kung Fu Panda" (from Film Sound Daily)